Architect/ Partner 9Y Studio

Silva Stojak


Hailing from the social/cultural center and capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Silva received her architecture degree from the University of Sarajevo in 1987. Silva moved to Waterloo, Ontario in 1990 and worked with Rieder, Hymmen & Lobban Architects until 1997. Silva relocated to Prince Edward Island for a position with Guimond & Associates leading up to their incorporation into BGHJ Architects and in 2017 co-created Nine Yards Studio with partner Shallyn Murray.

Rarely without a pencil in hand, Silva’s experience and expertise stretch the cultural gamut of politics, art, geography, architectural theory, and aesthetics. Silva values the architectural qualities of light and transparency above all others and has gained a reputation in the Maritimes for innovative and forward-thinking design ideas, a commitment to urban development/community work and a love for all things design.

Email: silva@9ystudio.com