Intern Architect

Fraser Van Iderstine


Growing up in Prince Edward Island’s organic outskirts, Fraser developed a strong relationship with the natural sensations of his surroundings at a young age. His family shares close connections to nature and craftsmanship, providing Fraser with early exposure to the worlds of exploration and imagination. Fraser’s love of design originates from these opportunities to create and cultivate our natural surroundings. 

In 2016, Fraser attended Holland College’s Architectural Technology Program. He then earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies degree in 2020 and a Master of Architecture degree in 2022, both from The School of Architecture at Dalhousie University. Fraser joined Nine Yards in 2022 as an Intern Architect, bringing valuable views about the interplay of architecture with nature, knowledge, tradition, culture, and community.

Fraser loves cuisine, photography, art, and music, and uses these passions to keep his creativity sharp and relative. In his free time, he enjoys photographing nature, historic barns, and wildlife; seeking out new Cafes; backcountry hiking; testing new soup recipes; and party planning for his social circle.