January 15, 2021

Stacked, is the Secret Design Bunker’s first series of design explorations. The series celebrates plywood as a material and experiments with the potential forms in can be used to create. Children curiously stack wood blocks on top of one another; the Secret Design Bunker explored the potential forms of plywood could create with the same sense of curiosity.

Plywood is often considered a rough material, prized for its versatility and durability and is used in a wide range of applications. With Stacked, we wanted to highlight the softer sides of plywood and resist the tendency to treat it as a linear material. Our exploration resulted in a series of objects whose fluid forms and smooth surfaces accentuate the plywood’s subtle beauty.

A cube shaped clock was the first object prototyped in our exploration. Cutting, stacking and gluing squares of 3/4” plywood resulted in a clock whose surface highlighted the material’s layered end-grain.

Shallyn Murray