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Travel Crib Board

Program: Expoloration/Objects

The cribbage board is milled from solid maple and is comprised of two separate pieces each with the same footprint as a standard deck of cards. The two pieces link together with a satisfying click as the rare earth magnets embedded in their edge come in contact. The fully assembled board makes a half-game of crib that can be circled twice to complete a full game.

board also features a routered-in pocket to house pegs, covered by a patinated steel door that snaps into place with embedded magnets. The handmade game pegs are made of brass and steel, featuring a wood inlay and patinated surface to differentiate players.

Included with the board and pegs are classic black and white Bicycle playing cards.

All of these elements are brought together and stored in an easy to carry, handmade vegetable tanned leather carrying case with button stud closures.

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