Project Details



The College of Piping Theatre

Place: Summerside, PE
Program: Architecture/Commercial
Year: 2018

Builder: Fitzgerald & Snow
Photography: Julian Parkinson

The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts is an internationally recognized school of excellence with a mandate to preserve the Celtic heritage of Canada’s most Celtic province, Prince Edward Island. In 2017, the college engaged Nine Yards Studio to design a permanent theatre facility for the many world-class shows they host annually.

The new theatre holds 297 seats, a lobby/reception area, practice rooms, recording studios, change rooms, a dance hall, and tuning rooms. An essential aspect of the theatre’s design is its integration into the existing facilities of the college. Its scale is harmonized with the tight site and is complimentary to the well-known community landmark.

The theatre’s ceiling features a large-scale, suspended gridshell; a lattice of formed, interconnected timber laths. The gridshell, inspired by the traditional Celtic knot, provides warm tones and theatrics to the space. Moreover, it cleverly serves as sound absorption and a means of concealing the necessary technical infrastructure overhead. Additional custom wood slat absorption panels and acoustic surface reflectors carefully direct and regulate the room’s acoustic qualities.

The theatre’s layout is inherently flexible and accommodates a wide range of performance styles and rental event needs. With options for natural light or blackout, multiple viewing platforms and levels, and various seating options, it is equipped to serve the college and community in the fullest capacity.

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