Project Details



Stacked Lamp

Program: Expoloration/Objects

The Stacked Lamp is an evolution of our Stacked Series and our first exploration into lighting design. We fell in love with the contoured forms and smooth surfaces of the objects created for the Stacked Series and wanted to implement the same form and tactile experience into our lamp design. The lamp features two spheres that form the lamp’s shade and base and conceal all electrical components. The spheres are made from layers of Baltic Birch plywood, creating a surface that exposes each layer of the material’s plies. The two spheres are linked together with a brass neck that conceals the electrical wiring. This neck created an elegant and minimal connection to the spherical forms. The light source is comprised of nineteen individual warm white light-emitting diodes flush mounted to a painted brass faceplate.

The switch, despite being a fairly utility component of virtually any lamp, is one of the most unconventional and intriguing parts of this lamp. Making something completely discreet while also making it a pleasantly unfamiliar tactile experience involved exploring alternatives to traditional mechanical switches. The lamp can be turned on and off with a satisfying twist of the base’s top hemisphere.

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