Project Details



Montague Liquor Store

Place: Montague, PE
Program: Architecture/Commercial
Year: 2017

Builder: WM&M
Photography: Dear Addie Photography

When the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission embarked on a rebranding effort in the mid-2010s, their 7500 square foot Montague outlet was selected as the pilot. Carefully planned and aligned to the objectives of the rebrand, PEILCC Montague now provides an intuitive customer experience in a contemporary space that is warm, inviting, and holistic.

The aesthetic of the Montague outlet is natural yet contemporary. The space integrates wood, blackened steel, and concrete with energy efficient lighting, sleek displays, and custom info-graphics. The floor tile has a concrete appearance that compliments the surrounding materials with a simple and modern quality.

The cooler is among the most drastic of the upgrades to the store’s infrastructure.  Previously a climate-controlled warehouse, the new cooler is now a true extension of the retail space. Built-in [what kind of elements?] elements and warm wooden accents give the cooler a much more welcoming quality than traditional archetypes typically present.

With the increase in square footage and refrigerated space, the Montague outlet now holds a 20 per cent wider selection of product, including a large “BUY PEI” section to encourage the purchase of local offerings. The store and its customers continue to benefit from the boost in style, selection, and traffic.

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