Project Details



McInnes Cooper Law Offices

Place: Charlottetown, PE
Program: Architecture/Commercial
Year: 2018

Owners: McInnes Cooper
Builder: Fitzgerald & Snow
Photography: Julian Parkinson

Located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the McInnes Cooper Law Offices occupy three storeys of a prominent, restored heritage building. The design of the McInnes Cooper offices presents a clean and light interior as counterpoint to the rough, weathered nature of the existing building shell. The clarity of new finishes contrasts the old as rustic features of the building shell penetrate the calm tenor of the interior.

The new spaces employ a simple palette of glass, steel, and light-toned wood. Raw steel elements accent public areas, adding rugged texture to otherwise pristine materials. 

To highlight the attractiveness of the original structural elements, exposed brick and chunky wooden trusses are selectively revealed throughout the space. Large, glazed sidelights allow light to filter into the bright offices while providing the privacy needed by the law firm.

Storage is integrated into the space via wood surrounds that participate in the formal language of the design. Kitchenettes and other amenities are inset into carefully detailed wood bites. The delicately framed glazing and flush wood base enhance the contemporary aesthetic.

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