Project Details



Gahan Beer Store

Place: Charlottetown, PE
Program: Architecture/Commercial
Year: 2018

Owner: Gahan / Murphy Hospitality Group
Builder: WM&M
Photography: Dear Addie Photography

The Gahan Beer Store Project is the first tap room/beer store within a local grocery store on the Island, a concept that creates convenient access to craft beer products and a one-stop shop for customers. The design looked to develop a contemporary prototype for future beer store retail locations. The design makes efficient use of a small 20’x18′ footprint while maintaining an open feel and multiple access points. The implementation of glass walls allows for easy display of products both inside the space and outward to shoppers passing by.
The design is an eye-catching jewel in the building, using the rustic warmth aesthetic of this craft beer brand to contrast the clean white aesthetic of the grocery store. The store is designed to be playful, rich, and inviting- accentuated by the high grain two tone plywood used throughout the store and paneled herringbone trellis that lets light in from above and casts playful shadows throughout the space. This combined with details of custom boxed shelving, steel accent, clear glass, and modern signage provides a retail space that is forward thinking, contemporary and true to the Gahan brand.
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