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What kind of services do you provide?

If you’re looking for the whole nine yards, then we’ve got you covered! For residential clients, Nine Yards Studio offers full-service packages only. That is because our studio’s integrated approach to design is tailored toward the entire process from start to finish. Unfortunately, it’s neither economical nor aligned with our passions for us to offer re-drawing or re-jigging of existing plans solely for acquisition of building permits.

We love working with clients that share a love for design and an appetite for exploring possibilities. If you are open to going on a creative journey with us, then we are willing to tackle any project! Whether it is a small kitchen renovation or a large commercial building, we want to see your project realized exactly as you envision it and ensure a cohesive, collaborative project from beginning to end!

What is involved in working with you on a house design?

The first step of a new home design is for us to get to know you! It’s important that what we do reflects your life, your interests, your day-to-day routines, your needs, and your desires. We have developed a questionnaire to help guide your thoughts about all the details of the house to help us understand as much as possible about you before starting the design.

 Once we have gathered all this information – we will take you through the following design stages:

Schematic Design

> Design a preliminary plan and concept 

> Review this concept with you and incorporate any comments or changes

> Back and forth conversations to achieve solutions that work for you

> Arrival at an approved plan and early exterior concept

Design Development

> Work with you to develop appropriate details, systems, finishes, etc

> Engage any electrical, mechanical, structural and civil services required to start incorporating these systems into our design

> Provide design development drawings for your approval

> Review with you and incorporate any comments or changes

> Finalize plans for beginning construction documents

Construction Documents

> Prepare drawings and specifications of each material so that your builder has a detailed document he can build from. We aim to have as many questions answered as possible before we start construction so that the build process can go quickly and smoothly

> Coordinate with mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineers for the final construction documents

> Ensure periodic reviews with you throughout this process, typically around the 66% and 99% completion stages

> Provide schedules as required to the Authorities having Jurisdiction to obtain a building permit so you can start building!

Bidding and Negotiations

> Preparation of tender documents

> Issue the tender on your behalf or engage with local builders to get you quotes

> Receive and evaluate bidders proposals

> Assist you with the selection of the builder and sub contractors

Contract Administration 

>  We will answer questions during the tender period and issue addenda as required

> Review any shop drawings

> Attend and perform site reviews during construction

> Preparation of contemplated change orders and/or site instructions required to resolve on site construction issues

> Preparation and submission of the final inspection certificate to the local authority

> Attend the warranty inspection

> Site reviews during construction (typically bi-weekly) but can vary depending on the requirements

How long does the process take?

A typical house design is in the design stage for between 4 months – 1 year, at which point we would provide a completed set of construction drawings. We would recommend hiring your architect as far in advance as possible, but consider a minimum of 6 months.

 After the design phase, we can start getting pricing from local builders or working with your preferred builder. The build could take 8 months – 2 years depending on the complexity of the home. We would recommend you book your builder 1-2 years in advance as most of them are booking a year in advance or more.

 We do have a list of preferred builders that we can share with you, as it is important that you have a builder who is willing to go on the journey with us together to complete your modern home. Working with a builder who is not familiar with modern details often has additional challenges and compromises that happen throughout the construction process.

What can I expect to pay for design and/or construction of a new home?

For full design services required for the design of a new home, our studio typically charges 14% of the overall construction cost of the project. This fee includes all the architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil consulting services required for the construction.

For renovation projects, our studio typically charges 18% of the overall construction cost of the project. Renovations are more complex and often involve more services and time than a new build.

With the current prices of construction on Prince Edward Island, we would recommend carrying a minimum budget of $350/ square foot. However, the complexity of the house can increase the cost per square foot substantially. It is important that we know up front what your budget limits are so we can ensure we stay within them.

Because we don’t know the exact cost of your house up front, its important that we, together, establish your assumed budget based on knowledgeable square footage costs at that moment. The percentage fee for Nine Yards and other consultants is then calculated based on this budget. Once the builder finalizes your cost in the pricing phase, there may be an adjustment to suit this difference.

In terms of payment schedules, you will pay monthly the percentage of your overall work that was completed that month.

Is there anything I can do up front to save time through the design process?

Before we can start any design work, we would need the following items from you. Securing these items before starting the process can save months of waiting in the beginning stages of design.

> The site needs to be selected. We cannot start design without a site to work from

> We will need an auto cad copy of a site survey which shows: site boundaries, topography, any buildings on the site, any landscaping features such as water, trees, etc.

> A soil test

> A program (list of spaces you would like to have)

> Your budget

If you need help with any of these items, we are happy to guide you through this process. HERE is a list of local surveyors and geotechnical contacts for your reference.